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2009 was the year Jus Ritz entered the music scene with his debut album ‘Jus The Beginning’ which included the songs ‘ Tere Na Te Glassy’, Nehio Nibhani, Boliyan + more. Ritz also worked on a handful of singles shortly after with ‘JD Varga (feat. Raj Kaul), Jaan Dhena (feat. Bakshi Billa). Jus Ritz’s latest single ‘Star (August 2021)’ has been hitting the airways and making people dance across the world.

Jus Ritz Roadshow provides a professional, elegant and bespoke DJ service for weddings and any type of occasion. We are the UK’s finest mobile discotheque that offers you a bespoke and personal service that is tailor made for your own specific requirements. We cover venues throughout the UK and the abroad.

We offer a bespoke service for your wedding or special occasion because we know that having the exact music and décor that you want is an extremely important element of your event. That is why we will always customise our packages maximising the experience to its full potential.

At Jus Ritz Roadshow we truly believe in providing a unique and memorable experience, with a wide range of services from the perfect LED Screens to Custom Feature Mirrored Dancefloors & DJ Booths, high quality Digital Sound Systems to perfection with Lighting Production.

Our entertainment packages will combine a number of elements to make the planning of your big day run smoothly, offering everything from professional DJ services to Band Baja’s to catering and car hire! We can help you manage your project, choose your ideal playlist and to top it off make it the most memorable day of your life.

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  • Highest Quality Digital Sound Systems
  • Custom Feature Dancefloors & DJ Booths
  • Lighting Production
  • Stage Production
  • Live Entertainment
  • FX
  • Décor


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